Business owners typically have a number of coverage needs that can be addressed under the umbrella of a single business owner’s policy (BOP). A business owner’s policy bundles several types of insurance together, eliminating the need to make multiple monthly premium payments and manage multiple policies with different renewal dates. A business owner’s policy typically includes:

Property Insurance - for the building(s) your company occupies and the contents, such as inventory, office equipment, furniture and computers.

Business Interruption Coverage - for lost profits and expenses until the business is operational again. Business interruption could be due to many factors, such as loss or repair of machines or equipment.

Crime Insurance - for company assets lost or destroyed, either by employees or someone else.

Liability Coverage - against civil suits for accidents, product liability, copyright infringement, injury or property damage.

Vehicle Coverage - for rented or borrowed vehicles.

BOP’s do not include commercial auto insurance or commercial truck insurance, or any of the coverages you maintain for the benefit of your employees, such as worker’s compensation or group health or disability insurance. A business owner’s policy makes sure your business is protected against many possible adverse events under the most comprehensive plan possible, at a cost that is less than you would pay to purchase separate policies. A business owner’s policy also gives you the flexibility to make changes to your insurance coverage as your business grows. To learn how Houston National Insurance of America can meet your insurance needs as a business owner, fill out our no-obligation Quote Form or call us at (713) 266 6363.

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