Day Care Insurance: Protect Your Child with Best Daycare Liability Insurance in Houston

Day care insurance, sometimes referred to as child care insurance, is a specialized type of business owner’s policy that addresses the specific insurance needs of those who are in the business of caring for small children. A day care insurance policy typically bundles these coverages:

  • • General liability insurance, including options for protecting yourself and your business against the costs associated with charges of abuse or child molestation
  • • Property insurance for the building(s) your business owns or rents, the contents of your business premises, with options for loss of use and temporary relocation of your business
  • • Crime insurance, providing protection against loss from theft and employee dishonesty

If you provide transportation for the children under your care, you may have specialized auto insurance needs as well. Professional liability insurance is another type of coverage day care providers often seek. Houston National Insurance of America provides protection for hundreds of day care and child care businesses in the Houston, Texas area. As an independent insurance agency, we will compare all available cost-effective coverages and put together the best day care insurance policy you can find in the state of Texas.

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